NOW Corporation Pioneers Wireless Internet Service through the Air with Fiber Speeds Coupled with High-Value IT Solutions & Services for Enterprises

In photo: (back row) NOW Corp Vice-Chairman Atty. Jose Alejandro, NOW Corp CEO Mel Velarde, NOW Corp Head of Marketing Kristian Pura, (first row) RHL Properties and Development Corporation President Charlie Rufino and Managing Director Carlo Rufino. Times Plaza, developed by RHL Properties and Development Corporation, a Commercial Building located along UN Avenue corner Taft, becomes the First 1Gbps connected building in the Philippines via Fiber in the Air.

PSE listed firm NOW Corporation (PSE Ticker: NOW) announced its trailblazing and pioneering broadband service that offers large enterprises high-speed Internet access through the air or underground at guaranteed speed coupled with IT solutions and services.  Its announcement came at a time wherein large enterprises such as banks, universities, hospitals, logistics, insurance and retail are looking at Information Technology as a strategic enabler in order to meet their business goals.  NOW Corporation offers broadband connectivity from 50Mbps to 700Mbps to large enterprises – a service that is faster to deploy as a back-up system and/or an affordable alternative being offered by encumbent Internet service providers.

Since early 2000, NOW Corp. has been providing high-value IT Services such as enterprise-grade email collaboration (on-premise and cloud), technical maintenance, web development, mobile apps development and customized software development for large enterprise.  It has served blue chip companies including

Towers Watson, UCPB, Coca-Cola, SC Johnson, International Shared Services, Roxas Holdings, BDO, Chinabank, Philippine National Bank, Skycable, Development Bank of the Philippines, Goldern Arches Development Corporation (McDonalds), Phinma Group of Companies and SM Retail.  It has built and maintained its position as one of the most trusted IT companies in the Philippines and has expanded to broadband & other services related to it.

Currently, NOW Corp.’s IT networking solutions and services clients are provided with 50Mbps up to 700Mbps guaranteed connectivity, and can even provide FREE initial network infrastructure assessment for potential signups.  It also provides network infrastructure implementation services such as bandwidth management system, in-building wiring, installation of wi-fi hotspots and other vital IT services including private/public cloud services, hybrid cloud on-premise applications, outsourced network management services, system back-up and recovery, mobile apps for business processes and Internet of Things.

The company also caters to the IT needs of those in the real-estate sector, targeting property managers and real-estate developers that operate BPO/KPO buildings and other similar high-end commercial and mix-use establishments with sophisticated broadband connectivity needs.  The BPO market is expected to surpass the OFW remittance by the end of 2016 with a projected revenue of about USD25 billion dollars.  Real estate developers and property owners must be ready to accommodate the influx of BPO locators – majority of which have huge bandwidth requirements and highly customisable network.  Upgrading or transforming an existing building to become BPO-ready is key if the property owner/real estate developer wants to get a share of the growing BPO industry.

Kristian Pura, Head of Enterprise Marketing of NOW Corp., said that at this day and age, companies should consider IT as an important element of the business’ overall marketing and business strategies and not just an “on the side” thing.

“The role of IT is just as important as marketing, business development, procurement/purchasing and everything that needs sound business decision making. Enterprise and business owners must see IT as part of an over-all strategy.  IT should be able to propel the growth of the business, streamline its operations, and add over-all value to the firm,” Pura explained.

Pura also believes there is also now a need among business owners to outsource to “real” IT specialists.

“Why outsource to specialists? IT is a discipline in itself. There are specialists that can really get things done in terms of IT concerns and needs in the least amount of time and in the most cost-efficient way.”

He likened the scenario to that of, for example, doctors. “You cannot have your ailment be checked by a general practitioner but by a specialist who knows what he or she is doing. Trust issues come into play and you cannot just let anyone manipulate your network without really understanding the actual problem.”

And that is the difference, he said, with NOW Corp. because their IT specialists are ready to understand, listen and deliver solutions to big-ticket companies with regard to their IT needs.

NOW Corp. is a listed company in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE Ticker: NOW) whose business covers providing value-added services (VAS) such as Cloud Hosting, Virtual Private Network, Multimedia Content and Program Services, Online Game Services, Cloud-Based Multimedia Conferencing Services, and Web Hosting and through its partner-companies licensed to deliver wired and wireless, fixed and mobile communications, software and hardware technology, and other information technology applications, and digital media.

In addition to its wireless broadband Internet business, NOW also partners with Cable TV companies to deliver multi-channel High Definition/4K TV, online games and bundled OTT channels such as iFlix and Netflix.

NOW Corp., being a Premier Business Partner of IBM, has been servicing large enterprises majority of which come from the banking, logistics, retail and tourism sector.  In 2015, it was awarded by IBM as the Top Collaboration Solutions Business Partner. Their main operations is located along 2244 NowPlanet TV Building, España Boulevard, Manila. For more information, call NOW Corp. at (+632) 799-7700 or email You can also call their Customer Service at (+632) 640-6891 or e-mail, or visit


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