Marikina Shoe Industry Development Office (MASIDO) launches eCommerce project with LBC Express Inc.

1st Row L-R: Ces del Mundo, LCC Ecommerce Solutions Team Head; Elvie E. Lopez LCC CFO;Rene Santillan, MASIDO OIC; Jose Fabian I Cadiz, Vice Mayor of Marikina; Del De Guzman, Mayor of Marikina; Philips Yu, LCC President & COO; Achilles Reyes, LCC VP Business Development ; Alexander Parel, LCC Ecommerce Solutions Team Sr. Manager.

2nd Row L-R: Mark Dinglasan, LBC X Manager; John Palanca, LBC Operations Manager; Paul Pfiffner, LCC Ecommerce Solutions Team Manager.

The Marikina Shoe Industry Development Office (MASIDO) partners with by LBC to promote locally made shoes and revitalize the Philippines’ shoe industry.

Internationally recognized as the Philippines’ shoe capital, Marikina City has a long tradition of manufacturing well-designed shoes that last. This heritage, established by many family-owned shoemaking companies who employ local artisans and skilled craftsmen, uphold the craft of shoemaking by passing it down from generation to generation. However, the globalization of the shoe industry has hampered local production and sales.

To preserve this legacy and to revitalize Marikina’s pride, a group of shoe companies have decided to form an alliance known as the Marikina Shoe Industry Development Office (MASIDO), which was founded to mobilize specific strategies and plans to fuel sales and rejuvenate local shoe production., the MASIDO eCommerce website set up through by LBC, is set to launch second quarter of 2015. by LBC signed a partnership with MASIDO last March 24th to advocate their cause by setting up an eCommerce website that enables the manufacturers to communicate their message and sell their goods to a wider audience online. by LBC is an easy-to-use eCommerce platform developed for the Filipino entrepreneurs with the Filipino consumer in mind making it easy for entrepreneurs to set up shop online and invite buyers to conveniently purchase goods from their shop.

LBC recently announced LBC 360, the first and only fully integrated payment and logistics platform in the Philippines. This one-stop shop has a solution to everything, from store front development to logistics to payment and delivery to ancillary.

Having this as a platform will not only give MASIDO their much-needed exposure and put them on an international playing field but also streamline their processes to ensure the satisfaction of all parties involved.

Through the implementation of standardization programs, proper trainings and participation on both the local and international end, MASIDO aims to be the ‘Best Handcrafted shoes in the Asian Market’ by 2016.  With already 17 partners signed up, the project is well on its way to fulfilling its vision of having Marikina shoes as the best handcrafted shoes in the Asian market in 2016.

“We want a very strong back end support especially in the logistical support and financial concerns both for the manufacturers and buyers. Satisfaction of both groups must be certain that both of them get the benefits of this E-commerce project,” says Rene Santillan, OIC, MASIDO.

With over 1,100 owned branches world-wide and over 2,500 branches and partner agents, LBC 360 opens up a world of suppliers and customers to companies, such as MASIDO.

Marikina Shoe Industry Development Office (MASIDO) is an alliance, founded to mobilize specific strategies and plans to fuel sales and rejuvenate local shoe production and to preserve this legacy and to revitalize Marikina’s pride, a group of shoe companies.

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