How to save on water

By Heinz Bulos

1. Do full loads of laundry. When using your washing machine, wash a full load of clothing as this is the most water- and energy-efficient. Do the same if you use a dishwasher, though it’s a better idea to just hand-wash the dishes.

2. Don’t let the water run. When washing either produce or dishes, don’t wash under running water. Use a basin or plug and fill one sink with wash water and the other with rinse water to use as little water as possible. The same advice applies in the bathroom. Don’t leave the tap running while brushing, soaping, or shaving.

3. Go low-flow. Retrofit faucets by installing aerators with flow restrictors. Place spray gun nozzles on the end of your hose so you don’t waste too much water when washing you car or sprinkling your plants. Install a low-flow showerhead and a low-flow toilet. Newer showerheads and toilets cut the usage by half to about 2.5 gallons and 1.6 gallons per minute, respectively, saving tens of thousands of gallons a year.

4. Use water outdoors at night. Less sun means slower evaporation. Water your garden or wash the car at early evening night or early morning.

5. Fix water leaks.
A leaky faucet will add up to around 2,700 gallons of wasted water over a year. So check both indoor and outdoor faucets periodically for drips.

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