Filipinos May Now Invest in Tech Companies Leading 5G Innovation

In June 2019, the Philippines became the first country in Southeast Asia to have a 5G mobile network service, beating even the more affluent countries in the region like Singapore and Thailand. 

It’s a monumental development considering the expected impact of 5G not just in mobile services but in people’s lifestyles as a whole. Short for fifth generation, 5G promises download speeds of 500 to 1500 Mbps, enough to download HD movies in less than a minute according to reports. Experts say that once it’s fully deployed, the service will allow a seamless and hassle-free wireless internet connection in all kinds of devices and equipment, from smartphones to cars. So much so that no one ever has to drill holes in any walls no more. 

With the service still in its very early years, the companies trying to build it are actually ripe for early investments. Aware of this potential, eToro, the global multi-asset investment platform, launched an investment portfolio dedicated to 45 companies responsible for deploying 5G worldwide; and opened them up for investment for ordinary people, where they would otherwise be very prohibitive.

“By the early 2020s, the incredible download speeds that 5G offers will start to roll out. This technology offers a big leap forward for communications and most forecasts point to an explosion of investment in the industry,” Yoni Assia, CEO and co-founder of eToro said. “With this portfolio we’ve tried to simplify things, identifying the biggest and most exciting companies that will lead the 5G rollout. We’ve selected companies in this sector that have the potential to offer a strong investment case for years to come.”

Some of the companies included in the portfolio are the leading mobile service providers in key markets like AT&T Inc. for the US and Telenor for Norway. China Telecom, which partnered with Mislatel Corp. for the deployment of the third telecom service in the Philippines is also part of the portfolio. Tech companies like Intel and Hewlett-Packard, which produces modems and other related tech equipment for data services are also part of the list. 

The 5G portfolio is just one of the expanding list of eToro’s list of Copyportfolios, thematic ones that are usually curated to specific, burgeoning industries. Some of the portfolios available on eToro are focused on big, emerging tech like cryptoassets, renewable energy, gaming companies, fintech, and genome engineering. Some of the more traditional industries are travel and cannabis. 

“CopyPortfolios are designed to make thematic investing accessible to all. If you’ve got a particular passion or area of expertise, we want to provide a simple way to invest in it. To date, we have a strong demand for our portfolio launches and hope this one will be no different,” Assia added. 

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