Figaro Is Now Open For Franchise

Get your love for coffee work for you at Figaro. With over 78 outlets and 19 years in the coffee business promoting the best of what Philippines has to offer, Figaro is the best choice to invest in with your hard-earned money all these years. The number one Filipino coffee brand wants to invite all coffee enthusiasts to partake of the great business opportunity.

Be upfront promoting the local coffee industry and farmers through Figaro Foundation while you boast of the country producing the best coffee in the world and earn money while at it. From crop to cup, Figaro Coffee Company will not just enjoin you in the business. Figaro understands your dream to give back to the community and help our local farmers gain more confidence in the coffee industry. Extending the love for the Filipino coffee, Figaro will help you understand what coffee beans do to your life, your body and your community through comprehensive training and customer support.

Get a Full Store, Kiosk A-Outdoor, Kiosk B-Outdoor or a Cart Type to start your dream of an ideal business. Total investment include the Franchise Fee, Site Assessment, Store Design, Store Construction, Store Equipment, Initial Stocks, Training of the initial store team, Opening Assistance from Operations Team, Store Operations Manual and Project Management Fee.

An outstanding comprehensive marketing support entailed at your franchise allows you to run a business with an easier startup. Figaro recently opened branches in EZ Center Tarlac, Malate Bayview Manila, Market! Market! Mall and The Enterprise Center. They are beefing up another promising branch at Ayala Imus & UST Espana Manila. Outside the Philippines, Figaro will soon open its 2nd branch in Papua New Guinea and Malaysia. It’s your love for coffee and the country’s pride and heritage in the coffee beans only grown in the beautiful islands of the Philippines we continue to boost at Figaro, truly a love of coffee from the crop to the cup.

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  • hi! better if your marketing department will come up with a blow by blow idea just like what the Jollibee had few years back…aggressiveness to promote Figaro as Filipino cafe and if it is possible for the management in choosing the location– go where your competitor is…meaning follow closely the location where your competitor is the same as in the bank industry (market strategy) and lastly, empathy training to your service crew.

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