Easy, Personalized And Fun Finance For The Net Generation

MEET the new kids on the block. Born between 1978 and 1994, they are surrounded by fast-changing technologies and digital tools. Their “toys’ include gadgets such as mobile phones, computers, and just recently – tablets. Their frequent companion is not the next-door neighbor; keeping them company is the Internet. They are known as the Net Generation.

Getting information where, when, and how they want it is of utmost importance to Net Gens. This is why they find communicating via e-mail and text messaging much easier than face-to-face contact. They are incredibly tech-savvy and would do almost anything using the latest technology.

Net Gens are prolific learners and love to learn through fun and entertaining activities. Anything static or traditional bores them and would, therefore, be less effective. They want experience to be their best teacher. They are structured thinkers and they look for highly-organized learning settings. Many of them are “big picture” learners, getting more information from overall concepts as well as specifics.

Some people think that Net Geners are smarter and quicker as they are empowered individuals with all the digital age influencers. They are great multi-taskers. They value teamwork and have a strong sense of belonging. They are very keen on saving the environment. They are now joining the workforce and older members are young to mid-age professionals. Some have become successful entrepreneurs and young millionaires under 30. This age group is defining a totally new way of doing things – including finance. Their rise has given way for opportunities for financial institutions: how to engage them into the subject of finance, make them financially-independent, and let them live the life they want.

Good thing banks and other financial institutions are creating new and innovative products and services to engage this market since the Net Gens rely highly on technology to meet individual needs. Security Bank is one of those financial institutions that allow customers to do their banking needs at their own pace and convenience. Debit cards, online banking, and electronic savings accounts are just a few of their product offerings.

The Security Bank CashCard is the country’s first vertical debit card. With its upright design, one no longer needs to figure out which side goes inside the ATM. This makes ATM transactions even more expedient. But more than the aesthetic, the CashCard offers many practical uses and benefits to the cardholders. The card functions in the same way as the ATM card – use it to withdraw cash, inquire about account balance, do cashless shopping, transfer funds, access account through other e-channels, and more! It is ideal for customers who want to free themselves from the worries of maintaining a required minimum balance. The Security Bank CashCard is safer to carry around than cash, which is why it is highly recommended for sending regular allowance of the student Net Gen.

Security Bank Online, on the other hand, enables Net Gens to access their bank accounts 24/7 via the internet. Perfect banking tool for the Net Gens who consider the virtual world and computers as natural part of their environment. Online banking allows individuals to access account details, do balance inquiry, transfer funds and many other banking transactions anytime, anywhere.

The bank also introduced the eSecure Savings, an online savings account. Unlike traditional deposit products that require one to go to a branch during regular banking hours, eSecure Savings Account can be accessed through the internet. It allows Net Gens to conveniently build up their savings and automatically save a portion of their funds on their preferred schedule. It also pays higher interest than a regular savings account. It helps accelerate savings for future needs such as upgrading gadgets, paying the deposit or downpayment for a condo unit, traveling with family or friends, starting a family, etc. Thanks to these products and services, concept of banking can now keep up with the Net Gens’ expectations from technology in serving their financial needs and goals.


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