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There’s no question about it: it’s Donny Pangilinan’s time to shine. The young star has projects left and  right, numerous billboards that sport his charming smile, and a fandom that is incredibly supportive of  his engagements. 

Donny is making the most of the opportunities coming his way. However, the glitz and glamor of  showbiz can easily distract from the reality that it all comes with hard work, commitment, and even  sacrifices. The busy schedule and daily pressures can take a toll on one’s health, both physical and  mental, and Donny knows this all too well. 

It’s a good thing that he grew up knowing just how important it is to take care of his body and mind,  having been an athlete from a young age. He has raced in triathlons and competed in basketball  tournaments, among others.  

“Health has always been a top priority for me,” he says. “One important thing I’ve learned is to plot not  just your work schedule but also your workout schedule. Don’t just revolve your work around your  workouts. They must revolve around each other.” 

Donny Pangilinan

He also makes it a point to protect his mental health. “It’s essential that we find a safe space to express  ourselves,” he muses. “At the same time, we must also listen to others and be present for them when  our capacity allows it.” 

Donny reaps the fruits of good health in more ways than one. Apart from being physically and mentally  well, the discipline and drive he has developed also extends to his finances. At only 25 years old, he has  already invested in real estate and recently secured a health insurance plan. 

“I don’t splurge anymore,” he shares. “I’m very hands-on now with my savings. I do still have moments  when I treat myself and invest in memories through traveling or experiences, but I make sure that a big  percentage of my money goes to savings and investments.” 

Donny Pangilinan

Donny recognizes that others, especially those from his generation, may not have the capacity to secure  their finances just yet and are still working hard for it. “I encourage them to avoid comparing their  journey with others because everyone is on their own different road. Instead, find a group that will  motivate and inspire you. Surround yourself with people who will help you reach those goals,” he  advises. 

It is this level headedness about building his own brighter future that Donny was selected by Sun Life  Philippines to be its health ambassador specifically for the younger generation. 

“We’re excited to have Donny on board because we share the same advocacies,” said Sun Life Chief  Client Experience and Marketing Officer Carla Gonzalez- Chong. “Moreover, he is both a credible and  inspiring model for the youth. We look forward to working with him as we strive to help the Gen Z  secure their future.”

Sun Life Chief  Client Experience and Marketing Officer Carla Gonzalez-Chong

Donny is currently at the forefront of the digital activities for Sun Life’s new health campaign, where  participants will not only get to learn how they can protect their health but also have a chance to win  exciting prizes. He will also be a part of the Sun Life Cycle PH, which will be held on April 23 at the  Vermosa Sports Hub in Cavite. 

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