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China Bank Securities launches online stock trading platform

China Bank Securities (CBSEC) keeps pace with the digitization trend with ChinaBankSec Online, a digital stock trading platform for buying and selling stocks listed at the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

ChinaBankSec Online is accessible on various platforms and devices—online on internet browsers and via app, available for free download on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore. 
Opening a ChinaBankSec Online account is fast and easy with video call identity verification option handled by CBSEC.  No initial deposit is required for China Bank depositors who designate their existing China Bank account as the settlement account.  On the other hand, a minimum deposit of P50,000 is required to start trading when the nominated settlement account is a deposit account in another bank. Users can immediately start trading upon approval and activation of their ChinaBankSec Online account. Funding the account can be through China Bank Online fund transfer or over-the-counter bills payment.  

The platform is designed with an intuitive user interface for ease of use and the latest technology to ensure the security of financial information and transactions. It provides round-the-clock online access and up-to-date information on PSE stocks, enabling users to directly place or cancel orders, queue orders during off-trading hours, view their transactions, and see how the market moves real-time. It also features helpful tools to help investors make more informed decisions, including user-set parameters for automatic trading, price consensus from analysts, and a market sentiment meter.  

“ChinaBankSec Online equips new and experienced investors with everything they need to trade stocks with ease and confidence,” China Bank Securities President & CEO Marisol Teodoro said. “With this platform, all the pertinent information needed is on your screen so you can formulate your investment strategies, build your portfolio, and make profitable trades.” 

For active and sophisticated traders, ChinaBankSec Online has a premium trading module, ChinaBankSec Alpha.  It features more advanced trading tools like Conditional Trading which allows an investor to cut losses, take profits, and preserve gains based on conditions and prices set before trading.  

A member of the China Bank Group and a wholly-owned stock brokerage subsidiary of China Bank Capital, CBSEC is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission to engage in broker-dealer activities and is a PSE Trading Participant. Visit to open an online trading account or to register for a  5-day free trial.  The website also offers resources and online tutorials on stock investing.

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