Blockchain Asia Forum 2018 Manila May 28-30 – Pundi X VP of Communications Peko Wan Optimistic On Philippine Blockchain Ecosystem

On eve of the Blockchain Asia Forum 2018 to be held in Manila from May 28 to May 30, Pundi X Vice President and Head of Communications Peko Wan optimistic about nascent blockchain ecosystem in the country.

In the tech world, there is a buzz around blockchain technology, and this idea holds especially true for Asia: China leads the world in blockchain patent applications in the United States, Indonesia’s government is adopting a pro-blockchain stance as it eyes becoming a hub for the tech in the region, and even the fintech applications of blockchain are flourishing in Vietnam despite a confusing regulatory environment.

Though the blockchain ecosystem in the Philippines is not as developed as in neighboring markets, Pundi X Vice President and Head of Communications Peko Wan, who will be attending the Blockchain Asian Forum 2018 in Manila from May 28 to May 30, is upbeat about the technology’s future in the country.

“The Philippines already boasts one of the fastest growing startup scenes in Asia. There are many talented entrepreneurs, designers, and developers here, and equally many interesting problems to address: I have no doubt that the country’s best talent will increasingly turn to more and more blockchain technologies to create truly innovative solutions,” said Wan, who will be speaking about how blockchain can change commerce, healthcare, and real estate alongside co-panelists Pasig & Hudson President Carlos W. Korten and Aimedis CCO Roxana Nasoi.

While blockchain technology is most closely associated in the public eye with cryptocurrency in general and Bitcoin in particular, the tech can be applied to innovate in most fields, including everything from real estate and voting to messaging and smart contracts. Blockchain, after all, is a list of records maintained and kept secure through cryptography.

It’s this latitude of applications, combined with Filipino ingenuity, that makes Wan – whose company, Pundi X had of the most successful public token sales in the world, raising USD$35 million for the company in early 2018 – believe that the country has enormous potential for blockchain technology.

As further evidence that the country’s blockchain ecosystem is nascent, Wan cited the plethora of financial-technology companies already headquartered out of the Philippines who leverage blockchain technology in some way; the rise of blockchain industry organizations, such as the Blockchain Association of the Philippines and the Philippine Association of Digital Commerce and Decentralized Industry; and the growing number of community-building events and conferences, including, of course, the Blockchain Asia Forum 2018.

Wan explained that Pundi X chose to attend the Blockchain Asian Forum 2018 in order to meet the innovative Filipino companies already working with blockchain as well as the traditional businesses who may someday want to.

“I’ve already had the privilege of meeting a few blockchain innovators from the Philippines, and one thing that always strikes me is their creativity: They are striving to find truly inventive applications for the technology beyond what they usually encounter. I therefore couldn’t be more excited to see what people are working on in the local community,” said Wan.

In addition to Pundi X’s general advocacy for blockchain innovation, Wan also noted that the company was hoping to collaborate with local blockchain developers and retailers. Pundi X has created a point-of-sale device, Pundi XPOS, that will enable brick-and-mortar retailers to accept, sell, and buy cryptocurrency, making it accessible to the next billion cryptocurrency users.

To facilitate collaborations with local blockchain innovators, Pundi X will also be hosting its first meet-up event in the Philippines on May 30, 2018 from 7 to 9 pm at the Makati Diamond Residences in Legaspi Village, Makati City. Wan will introduce attendees to Pundi X, demo the XPOS, and address questions from the audience.

Those interested in attending the meet-up event are advised to register at the following link:

Pundi X meetup in Manila

Local blockchain developers and retailers interested in partnering with Pundi X should contact them at:


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