Many of us grew up with the scent of Tiger Balm wafting throughout the house. For generations, those jars of Tiger Balm White and Tiger Balm Red were a staple in every home’s medicine cabinet as an all-around solution for itchiness, headaches, and muscle and joint pains. And this Tiger Balm tradition of healing is something that many of us carried as we grew up and moved out of our parents’ or grandparents’ house. It gave the comfort and nostalgia of our mom’s care and love, and gave us assurance that what we’re putting on our body won’t cause us any harm since its core are herbal ingredients.

In this day and age, where everything is fast-paced, and work and school are ever-demanding, there’s no escaping stress. Did you know that being exposed to long periods of stress tends to push the muscles to tense up for long periods of time, leading to chronic muscle tension?

Surely, we all have learned to become used to stress, and this has driven us to achieve more in a day. And as they say, there’s no stopping passion! So, whether it’s stress-induced muscle pains or soreness from last night’s work-out session, that’s where Tiger Balm comes in.

Tiger Balm by Haw Par Healthcare, one of the world’s leading and most versatile topical analgesic brands for nearly 100 years, is offering Filipinos a new solution for an existing problem based on an age-old remedy. Do you know about how the Chinese has long been relieving their pain problem with poultice, which is a medication that is applied onto the painful area and wrapped up with bandage? Tiger Balm, based on the same concept, has now developed a new product that will provide long lasting relief with a more convenient method.

Many consumers around the world have been benefitting from this amazing product and in several countries it has become a top seller. Filipinos may not be too familiar with such a unique concept of pain relief but it is our belief that it is now time to introduce it to them.

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