5 Ways Giveaways Help You Grow Your Business

Building your business, whether you’re working from the ground up or hoping to grow your existing revenues, is a daunting task. Nowadays, it isn’t just about marketing externally to new and returning clients, but also about making sure the people who work for you feel appreciated.

There’s just one problem. You could spend much more than you intended on marketing strategies that people see and, but then forget in the blink of an eye. On the other hand, practical, interesting giveaways are things people will find themselves hanging on to and using, and therefore have the potential to help you make a lasting impact on whoever it is you’re trying to reach.

Here are ways corporate gifts help you grow your business from the inside out:

  1. Everybody loves a freebie.

You might not like the thought of appealing to the inner avarice of your customers, but the truth is that most people won’t say no to something you’re giving away for free. When you toss freebies in with deals or packages you’re selling or you use these as incentives, it might just make your customers choose you more often than they otherwise would—or have them pick you over your competitors. Pick the right gift, and you could easily find that resulting revenues pay for it several times over.

  1. Gifts make people feel appreciated. 

By nature, a gift is a token of appreciation. Gifts for your customers show that you care about their wants and needs. When you offer special giveaways to long-time customers, it further emphasizes how much you appreciate their business, making them more likely to be loyal to you.

  1. Your gift serves as a reminder of how great your company is.

Giveaways offer customers a reminder of the great experience they had using your company’s products or services. Plus, gifting customers with useful items keeps your brand present in people’s lives. When your logo is emblazoned on pens, flash drives, notepads, and other things people are inclined to use frequently, it makes name recall and positive associations more likely.

Extended use even provides your brand with free advertising as other people your customer comes in contact with may see your logo and perhaps become curious about what you can offer them.

  1. Internal giveaways help boost company morale.

When you give freebies to employees, you’re telling them your company is willing to invest in the happiness and contentment of its people. Moreover, you’re making a statement about your ability to provide for those employees now and in the future. Adding gifts on top of the usual performance bonuses and raises adds a personal touch to showing appreciation for your employees’ efforts on behalf of the company. Giveaways can also be used to remind your employees of company values and initiatives, whether it’s from prizes for everyone who participates in a survey, gifts for teams that hit their targets, or even company-branded office supplies that remind people to innovate, take occasional breaks, and think critically and creatively.

  1. Giveaways let you market your company to your target audience without costing big bucks.

Traditional forms of advertising like billboard, print ads or TV commercials cater to a wide audience, but come with a pretty price tag. On the other hand, gifts are great marketing tools as they help you ensure that you are reaching your target market.  For example, you can give gifts to existing patrons of your stores, run giveaways from your website or social media feeds, and even tie up with related brands to offer great gift packages to potential new clients.

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