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New RCBC Savings Bank’s e.Passbook is a Handy Bookkeeper for Entrepreneurs

For business owners keeping tabs on their operational expenses, employee payrolls, creditor disbursements, and other monetary transactions, a passbook is a necessity yet inadequate as a record book in itself because of its limited, generalized entry cells.

To simplify the process of expense monitoring and accounts reconciliation, especially for SME owners who does not employ an accountant regularly, RCBC Savings Bank (RSB) has revamped the ordinary passbook into a more convenient, more detailed and handy bookkeeper: the new RSB e.Passbook Savings Account.

Available to savings account depositors of RCBC Savings Bank (RSB), the new RSB e.Passbook has an expanded and innovative format that accommodates more transaction details. Entrepreneurs, for instance, will have other convenient details such as their account numbers, specific types of transaction (fund transfer, bills payment, etc.) branch address, and other entries. Thus, enhancing their usual deposit/withdrawal records

The RSB e.Passbook can be linked to a Checking account and perform automatic balance transfers when needed.  And it comes with an ATM card for Personal accounts. To get the RSB e.Passbook, depositors need to make an initial deposit and maintaining balance of P30,000.

Donna Kristine Marcelo, Vice President for Marketing of RCBC Saving Bank, says that the e.Passbook is the ideal tool for clients who perform a greater volume of transaction than ordinary depositors.

“With the RSB e.Passbook, clients get the financial details they need as soon as the transaction is made. It’s all recorded in one convenient form,” she said.

The RSB e.Passbook is also ideal for busy executives who need to keep track of several personal expenses, and even homemakers who want detailed bookkeeping of the family’s income flow.

To inquire about the new e.Passbook Savings Account, call tel. no. 633-6749 or visit the nearest RCBC Saving bank.

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