Prosper in Retirement



Ricky Banaag’s 10 Keys to Business Success
The country manager of Intel Philippines shares how his company continues to meet its goals. What you will learn can be applied to achieve success in your personal finances
By Lynda C. Corpuz

Best Places to Live
You don’t have to go abroad for a good living and better quality of life. As they say, there’s nothing like your own country to call home
By Heinz Bulos

The Rules of Retirement
Maybe retirement came easy for your parents and grandparents. This is no longer true for our generation. Here are what you need to know to survive—and prosper in—retirement.
By Efren Ll. Cruz, RFP®

Lower Your Estate Taxes
Whether you have a sizeable estate or the heir of someone who does, it’s in your best advantage to make sure you pay as little in estate taxes as possible
By Heinz Bulos




RFP Money Makeover
Building a Baby Fund
By Ricky So

Decoupling from the US?
By Francisco Liboro

Family Finance
Parenting and iPods
By Salve Duplito


For The Love of Art
An intrepid comic book creator opts for the road less traveled.
By Gerry Alanguilan as told to Regina G. Posadas

My Time to Shine
The extraordinary exploits of a hip homemaker and certified stage mother
By Jazer “Mommy Jazz” Cerojano-Basan as told to Regina G. Posadas

From Rags to Riches
She left a life of poverty and abuse and climbed her way to success and freedom
By Digna Lizada as told to Tina Arceo-Dumlao

Performer Par Excellence
It’s all about passion, precision and professionalism for this celebrated magician and his mesmerizing moves
By Leo Domapias a.k.a. Leodini as told to Regina G. Posadas


Deconstructing Variable Unit-Linked Insurance
They’re the hottest insurance product right now. But are they a good investment? Here’s the low down on this life insurance and mutual fund rolled in one
By Doris C. Dumlao

The Basics Of Trust
Bewildered by all the services offered by trust departments? Here’s what you need to know
By Doris C. Dumlao


How to Select a Vacation Cruise
A cruise is a convenient, safe, and fun way of visiting new destinations. Here are the things you have to think of before booking
By Carlos Gonzales

By Air, Land, or Sea
Getting ready for a summer vacation? We give you this fare guide to the Philippines’ top destinations and find out the fastest—and the cheapest—way to get there
By Lynda C. Corpuz

Smart Savings For Your Business
By Rachel and Barni Alejandro

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